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ESA Swarm services

Swarm is augmented by a number of services aiming to improve accessibility of the data and models derived from the mission.

VirES for Swarm Graphical interface to explore the data and models
Swarm Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Cloud-based JupyterLab interface to interact with VirES using Python (see viresclient)

(Check ESA website for other tools)

Core field

Geodyn Visualisation of core flows and tools for geomagnetic data assimilation

Ionosphere, aurora, geospace

SuperMAG Reprocessing and visualisation of variometer data
Swarm-Aurora Browsing keograms and more
AMPERE Measurements of FACs using the Iridium constellation
InGeO Providing tools and best practices for geospace research

Ground observatory data

For access to and processing of ground observatory data, we refer to the software list maintained by INTERMAGNET. Watch this space for new developments (work is in progress to integrate ground data into VirES).

Python in geomagnetism

viresclient Python interface to VirES (easy access to Swarm products)
ChaosMagPy Forward code for the CHAOS model (core, crust, magnetosphere) and utilities for geomagnetic field modelling
pyAMPS Forward code for the AMPS model (Average Magnetic Field and Polar current System)
GeomagPy Analysing and displaying geomagnetic data
MagPySV Processing geomagnetic data for secular variation studies
pygeodyn Geomagnetic data assimilation for core flow studies

Python in geophysics

Refer to Software Underground

Python in heliophysics

Refer to the Python in Heliophysics Community (PyHC)