Satellite missions

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Low Earth Orbit

A summary of near-Earth spacecraft carrying high quality magnetometers. For more info, see e.g. Olsen & Stolle, 2012. The focus here is on satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) that produced data suitable for geomagnetic field modelling, though these satellites typically also carry instruments that measure the electric field and plasma environment.

Mission name Years Description Data access
POGO 1965-1971 [NASA] “Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatories” (OGO-2,4,6) DTU
Magsat 1979-1980 [NASA] First “high accuracy” vector magnetometry in space DTU; NASA
Ørsted 1999-2014 Led by what is now DTU Space DTU
CHAMP 2000-2010 Led by GFZ & DLR - a fore-runner for the Swarm mission GFZ
SAC-C 2001-2004 Led by CONAE & NASA DTU
Swarm 2013-???? ESA Earth Explorer constellation mission - originally 3 spacecraft but now growing Direct access; GUI; Python

Schematic of a Swarm spacecraft: Swarm spacecraft Image credit: ESA

[TODO: magnetosphere & heliosphere missions]